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Seasonal Box (4 Quarters)

– All the Right Gear for the Perfect Trip –

Price per unit: $106.25

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Explore the world outside every season (once every 3 months) with a Seasonal Box. Excited about the upcoming season? The Seasonal gets you all of the right gear for the season upon you. 

How It Works

Your first Seasonal Box will ship within 4-5 days, UNLESS your order falls within a 2 week window before the start of a season. Just to clarify: if you were to order a box March 7-20th, we would wait and ship the Spring Seasonal Box on the 21st. This is so you can get the most relevant items for that Season and not be screwed out of your up coming Seasonal Adventures!

What's in the Seasonal Box?!

We hate to break it to ya, but... it's a mystery. The Seasonal Box is curated for those that are either gear heads or those looking for a nudge to get outside. Does this mean you have to be a gear snob or even a seasoned hiker? Absolutely not! Our boxes will surprise you with the latest gear and offer up some fantastic replacements that are reaching their life in your outdoor arsenal.

Generally, here's the pattern of items we ship:

  • One big ticket item | Value: $60 - 80
  • Auxiliary item you probably haven't seen before | Value: $20 - 40
  • Auxiliary item you probably haven't seen before | Value: $20 - 40
  • Perishable item than can be used once or several times | Value: $10 - 20
  • Food or edible related item| Value: $2 - 7

Note: Not every box will have the above mentioned layout. More often than not, they will have some kind of format like the above mentioned. Every box is valued at at $145+. If you find that the items don't meet the value, we'll be sure to investigate comparable price and offer a fair solution to the discrepancy.